At Individual Web Design we believe in one thing passionately: We provide TOTAL support for our clients.

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If that sounds a little pompous, we apologise, it is not intended to be. We believe that every client, be they large or small deserves the Total Service, the one that includes your own Dedicated Account Manager who is trained to look after our prized asset and our best advert - you, our client.

Many web companies offer no support at all after they have taken your money:

We know that because out of 15 companies of a similar size to us that we surveyed, not one offered any sort of free after sales service or free on-going support system. Many offered none at all! Remarkable really.

Individual Web Design offer very flexable support packages starting with Free Support to new websites built by us to hourly and monthly paid support to suit the clients different needs. read more

We work in a technical environment that encompasses many different skill sets and we cannot expect you as our client to have to learn all that we have learnt in over 14 years of web experience.

So feel good about choosing Individual Web Design because we feel good about looking after you for years and years to come. Send us an enquiry here.




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